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How Intuitive IT helped Apprise Advisory move to the cloud with Dropbox Business

  • The Problem

    Apprise Advisory's local server was ageing, crashing and was becoming a liability to the business. Tim Carigg wanted to move to the cloud and be done with a local server once and for all. He contacted IIT to take over his IT and make the most of the cloud.

  • The Results

    Intuitive IT audited the server and discovered a range of services including email and file storage that could easily move to the cloud. Apprise Advisory's emails were moved to Dropbox Business and email was migrated to Microsoft Office 365. This migration and the use of the NBN, ensured Apprise staff could work from any location and keep their files in sync while keeping them secure. Without the need for a server, Apprise saved on monthly IT maintenance costs in keeping the server patched and running.

    • $1,000's saved every year in maintenance
    • Secure and accessible files

Our Strategy

Dropbox Business & Office 365

Moving Apprise Advisory to the Cloud

  • Audit

    We started by looking at the existing file structure of the shared drive used by Apprise Advisory. We investigated permissions and if the existing structure needed adjusting before migration. We worked in conjunction with Apprise to tweak the structure and setup permissions so staff only had access to what they needed.

  • Better Together

    By moving their email to Office 365, Dropbox and Microsoft Office became more powerful. Dropbox would handle the sharing and syncing of the files while Office 365 provided best-in-class tools for generating and editing those files. Through the use of the Dropbox badge staff could see when their document was last edited and by whom. This was great for stopping conflicts from occurring and made Tim's staff more productive during the day.

  • Migration

    Moving files to Dropbox Business was a breeze. On migration day, the new structure and files were uploaded to Dropbox using a lightning fast internet connection that Dropbox made the most of. Then all files were synced to computers using Dropbox's Smart Sync. This great feature lets you see all your folders and files without having to download them all to your computer.

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